jazz free whatsapp 2021 || jazz free whatsapp code

Assalamu alaikum if you are jazz user and searching for jazz free WhatsApp offer, therefore, you are at the right place. Today here we are discussing complete details about the jazz free WhatsApp offer 2021. In this offer, you can use free WhatsApp on jazz sim without charges and package

jazz free whatsapp 2021

Recently jazz announced a free WhatsApp offer for all their users. To get this offer the mechanism is that you just dial a subscription code after that without any charges offer is activated.

When you call someone to throw your jazz Sim after calling you will receive 25 MB free WhatsApp. in Same way more calls and freer WhatsApp you can get 250 MB free data on every voice call in each day. there are no charges of this offer you can subscribe it free of cost.

jazz free whatsapp code

Jazz free WhatsApp code

  • To use free WhatsApp on jazz Sim you need to dial subscription code *225#
  • To check to remain your free WhatsApp data you need to dial *225*2#

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Terms and conditions

  • 25 MB will be given on every voice call so there are no charges of this offer 
  • All the function of WhatsApp are included in this offer
  • But free MB is given at the end of every call.
  • More than one subscriptions are not allowed.
  • This Offer is not unsubscribed until the company ends this offers
  • The average speed of the internet depends upon many factors like time of the day user distance from 2g 3g 4g site etc.

Related Quwstions

Is WhatsApp free on jazz?

yes, now WhatsApp free on jazz sim. jazz recently announced a free whasapp for their users. but you just need to dial subscription code *225# to get that offer.

How can I subscribe for jazz monthly WhatsApp?

To subscribe to the jazz monthly WhatsApp package on jazz sim you just need to dial  *101*1*02# you will get 5GB WhatsApp and 12000 SMS in Rs.70 (Incl. Tax) for 30 days.

WhatsApp Jazz packs monthly?

jazz MONTHLY WHATSAPP & SMS 5 GB DATA 12000 SMS Rs.70 (Incl. Tax) Subscription Code*101*1*02#Unsubscribe*101*4*02#


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