Jazz Internet Packages 2023 | Daily, Weekly & Monthly updated

Jazz is the leading telecommunications network in Pakistan. come with some cool internet packages in 2023. If you are looking for the codes and details of these jazz internet packages. then you are at the right site. now Here we are going to provide all codes. and important details of internet packages of Jazz which will make your 2023 happier. 

We will be going to cover all A to Z jazz daily, weekly and monthly jazz internet packages. This will make your life easy and comfortable. Which is the main aim of our website?

Jazz Daily internet packages

Jazz has a variety of daily internet packages. The data volume of these, packages is quite low but it is enough for connectivity. Some of these packages give you freebies, like minutes and SMS for free when you activate your package. here are the complete details of Jazz Daily internet packages.

Package NamePrice (PKR)DetailsSubscription Code
Daily Mega271 GB*117*4#
jazz Daily Super17150 MB + 1440 Jazz Mins 50 SMS*212#
Daily Super Plus300500 On-Net + SMS + MBs + 6 Off-Net Mins*558#
Daily Day Bundle1420 MB + (300 Jazz Mins 300 SMS)*340#

3-day Jazz internet packages

There are also some attractive 3-day Jazz internet packages available at normal prices. These packages will let you do browsing with no worries. These packages also include some freebies. Which will let you get double happiness without paying double. These freebies include SMS and free calling minutes.

Package Name 3- day extreme
Price 15 Rs
Volume 500MBs
Duration 3 days 
Activation code *114*14#
Remaining MBs check *114*14*2#
Deactivation code Automatically expire after 3 days

Hourly Jazz Internet packages

Jazz allows, users, to activate data packages at low prices with more data. These packages allow users to use unlimited internet for one, two and for eight hours at very low prices.

Package Name Internet hourly Extreme
Price 17 Rs
Volume 2000 MBs
Duration 2 hour 
Activation code *846#
Remaining MBs check *846*2#
Deactivation code Automatically expire after 2 hours

Jazz weekly internet Packages

When it comes to jazz weekly internet packages, you have many choices available for you. More choices give you more power, in selecting your favourite package at a very affordable price. so here are the complete details of Jazz weekly net Packages.

Package NamePrice (PKR)DetailsSubscription Code
Weekly ExtremeRs.27525 GB DATA (12AM-12PM)Subscribe
Weekly Super MaxRs.36930 GB + 6000 Jazz Mins/SMS 150 Other Network MinsSubscribe
Weekly Super PlusRs.30412 GB DATA + (5000 Jazz Mins 100 Other Network Mins 5000 SMS)Subscribe
Weekly MegaRs.36930 GB + (6000 Jazz Mins & SMS) 150 off network minutesSubscribe
Weekly Super DuperRs.21025 GB DATA (12AM-12PM)Subscribe
lajawab Haftawaar OfferRs.752.5 GB ​DATA [12 AM – 12 PM] + 2500 Jazz Mins + SMS + 25 Other Network MinsSubscribe
Weekly All NetworkRs.19212 GB DATA (6 GB 2AM – 2PM) + (5000 Jazz Mins + 70 Other Network Mins + 5000 SMS)Subscribe
Weekly Youtube & SocialRs.895 GB DATA for IMO, WhatsApp, YouTube & FacebookSubscribe
Weekly HybridRs.1151 GB + (1000 Jazz Mins, SMS 60 Other Network Mins)Subscribe

Jazz Monthly internet packages

There are some super packages available for those who prefer to activate jazz monthly internet packages instead of daily, weekly and monthly packages. These packages are economically too cheap, for those who use the internet very less daily. so here are the complete details of Jazz Monthly internet packages.

Package NamePrice (PKR)DetailsSubscription Code
Monthly SupremeRs.49920 GB internet (10 GB 2 AM to 2 PM)Subscribe
Monthly Mega PlusRs.52012 GB (6 GB 2 AM to 2 PM)Subscribe
Monthly HybridRs.5001 GB DATA +(10000 Jazz Mins/SMS 50 Other Network Mins SMS)Subscribe
Monthly Super Duper PlusRs.120030 GB +(10000 Jazz Mins/SMS 500 Other Network MinsSubscribe
Monthly Super DuperRs.78012 GB DATA + (3000 Jazz Mins/SMS 300 Other Network Mins)Subscribe
Monthly Max OfferRs.104030 GB 1000 jazz minutes + 500 All Network Mins, 5000 SMSSubscribe

Location-based packages

There are some areas limited packages are also available, which will help you get more dates at a very low price. For example, as “Attock area limited package ” gives 5 Gb data at just Rs 50 for the whole week.

Package Name Attock Internet bundle
Volume 5GB
Duration 1 week
Activation code *598#
Remaining MBs check *598*2#
Deactivation code Automatically expires after 7 days 7 days

Package Name Sindh Offer
Price 8.99Rs
Volume 100MBs + 1100 SMS
Duration One day
Activation code *522#
Remaining MBs check *522*2#
Deactivation code Automatically expire after 1 day

Package Name Karachi Hybrid
Price  9.99
Volume 100 MBs + 1500 SMS + Unlimited jazz minutes 
Duration One day
Activation code *400#
Remaining MBs check *400*2#
Deactivation code Automatically expire after 1 day

frequently asked questions

how to check jazz internet packages

To check the remaining data of your sim you dial the info string code to the package you have subscribed to. another method is that you can download the jazz world app from the play store it shows you complete details about the remaining internet, balance SMS and minutes for free.

how to deactivate jazz internet packages

There is no code to unsubscribe from jazz internet packages. all the packages are automatically unsubscribed after their time. you do not need to unsubscribe from any package.

how to unsub jazz internet packages

To unsub jazz internet packages you just need to dial *443# and choose your package, there are 2 options subscribe and unsubscribe then click on unsubscribe. your package is unsubscribed and you will receive a message.

Terms & conditions

  1. The speed of this internet depends upon your area.
  2. These are all the final prices of the packages. All these are the final prices of the packages.
  3. Some packages are time-limited. 
  4. Some packages are limited. 
  5. 5. Sindh Offer is only valid for the cities like Hyderabad, Dadu, Jamshoro, Kotri, Mirpur Khas, Tando Adam, Tando Alayaar and other areas of  Sindh (Interior Sindh).
  6. 6. Karachi Daily’s offer is available for the residents of Karachi only.

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All these jazz internet packages are by jazz companies they are all limited-time their price and volume can be changed at any time by the company. when these packages are changed by jazz we also updated this article.


In this article, we discuss the completion of jazz internet packages including jazz daily weakly and monthly packages. if you have any questions or confusion feel free to comment below thanks for the reading article.

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