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The income tax return is a most searched topic these days. 90% per cent of the people do not pay income tax because they have no knowledge about this topic and they do not consult anyone about this service. Usually, they asked about the tax certificate from the telecommunication operator that they are using the service and have paid tax. The overall process is very complex and if you want to pay tax then you have to go to their nearest jazz franchise and need to tell them his jazz sim card number with ID card copy to receive the certificate in printed form Getting the Jazz Tax Certificate is very easy from the jazz franchise.

How to download Jazz Tax Certificate?

These days our lives become busy and we have no time to do this work. We feel difficulty taking some time from our busy schedules of life. We have no time to visit the nearest franchise of any telecommunication service so that they provide us tax certificate in
printed form. For the facility of these customers, Jazz has made our lives easiest. Now we can get our certificate in a very short interval of time on WhatsApp at our home.

jazz tax certificate whatsapp

The process is very easy. If you want to gain this certificate, you need to
follow these steps:

  • WhatsApp say Hi on 0300-3008000
  • You will receive an SMS, this text asks for the services that neither you
  • want to gain or not?
  • Select any Tax Certificate which is in number 6.
  • Reply “6” at the same number you received.
  • You can get your tax certificate in a few minutes.

jazz tax certificate jazz world app

There is another option for you to download a tax Certificate without WhatsApp through the Jazz world application.

  • First, go to Play Store or Google Play and download Jazz World App.
  • After its installation, log in to Jazz World.
  • Then click on “right corner” at the top of “Home Screen“.
  • Then go to the “Support” option and click on this.
  • Choose the “Tax Certificate” option.
  • After this, they ask you about the “Year for which you want to get a certificate.
  • Now, “Download” the Tax Certificate easily from this.

How to get Zong Tax Certificate


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