Ptcl tax certificate 2023 | ptcl withholding tax certificates

PTCL ( Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited) is the leading telecommunication company in Pakistan. It provides telephone and internet service nationwide. PTCL is basically an excellent player in Pakistan when it comes to providing the best telecommunications service. It is the main source of providing high-speed internet. At the end of the financial year, users must pay their taxes. After they pay their taxes they want to get their PTCL Tax Certificate.

The users can easily get their PTCL Tax Certificate but they don’t know how they get their tax certificate. In this article, we will tell you how you can get your tax certificate.

Ptcl tax certificate

Withholding tax is basically an income tax that the user pays to the government rather than the recipient of the income. Due to this recipient, tax is withheld by the users. There are the following steps to get tax certificates.

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How to get PTCL Withholding Tax Certificate

If you want to get your tax certificate then follow these steps;

  • Firstly, get your certificate from the “PTCL website” link given here; https://ptcl.com.pk/CustomerTax/TaxInquiry
  • After you open the website, they give you the option of “Landline” or “EVO charji”. You must select one of them.
  • Then, select the “Area Code” and write your “Phone Number” in a given section.
  • Write your “Account ID” that is also given on your bill.
  • Select the “period” for the withholding tax statement.
  • Then write the alphabet or digits in the “Captcha section”.
  • At last, they give you the option of “Inquire Tax”.
  • Soon your tax certificate will be shown on the screen.


In this article, we discussed PTCL Tax Certificate. We gave you complete and step-by-step details that how to get a tax certificate. Still, if you have any confusion then you may ask us. We will solve your confusion as soon as it is possible for us.

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