StormFiber Internet Packages 2023 | Complete Details

Stormfiber is the most reliable fibre for home internet and television service provider in Pakistan. It also claims to be the best quality internet provider in Pakistan. It is powered by Cybernet which is basically one of the best corporate internet service providers. Stormfiber is offering many Packages to its subscribers.

StormFiber Internet Packages

In Pakistan, Stormfiber offered many amazing packages to its subscribers. These packages are offered on the basis of their speed. These offers are given below;

PackageChargesTotal DataSpeed / MBPSValidity
Stormfiber Standard 2 MBPS Internet Package
Rs. 1299Unlimited2 MBPS30 Days
Stormfiber Standard 4 MBPS Internet Package
Rs. 1499Unlimited4 MBPS30 Days
Stormfiber Standard 10 MBPS Internet Package
Rs. 1799Unlimited10 MBPS30 Days
Stormfiber Standard 15 MBPS Internet Package
Rs. 2499Unlimited15 MBPS30 Days
Stormfiber Standard 20 MBPS Internet Package
Rs. 2799Unlimited20 MBPS30 Days

How to Subscribe Stormfiber Packages

If you want to subscribe to any stormfiber package then you can contact through the helpline of stormfiber that is 111-1-STROM-(78676). The helpline numbers are different for different cities. These details are given on www.stormfiber.com.

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Terms and Conditions

  • These all StormFiber offers are for a limited time. They may change or modify at any time.
  • The discount will apply to monthly recurring charges only. Once you give advance payment then there will be no refund for this payment.
  • Service Sales Tax is also applied in these offers.
  • Once you Sign up for Stormfiber services then you are bound to agree with all terms and conditions.


In this article, we discussed Stormfiber Packages. We shared all packages that are offered by stormfiber. We gave complete details regarding these packages. Still, if you have any questions regarding these packages then feel free to contact us. We will answer you as soon as it is possible for us.

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