12 Reasons why you should use Telegram |telegram vs whatsapp

Hi everyone I hope all you are well. After the whatsapp new privacy update, everyone is worried about security. peoples are deleting their whatsapp account and searching for whatsapp vs telegram comparison and whatsapp alternative. so in this post, we are going to explain whatsapp vs telegram security and best features of telegram over whatsapp

telegram vs whatsapp

telegram vs whatsapp, Telegram is an app that is many times more powerful and useful than WhatsApp. With this app, you can share video call, voice messages and various files with each other. Telegram’s unique Features have more capacity than WhatsApp. But you have to use it to see it as you will be able to know about the unique features of this app.
Its features and their best features are as follows.

telegram features vs whatsapp

  1. Telegram also supports group like WhatsApp but WhatsApp has a capacity of 256 people while Telegram is so wide that it can add 200,000 people. Also if you want to create a channel. So its scope is unlimited
  2. Before joining the WhatsApp group, we have no idea what kind of group it is, what is going on inside it except the name … but inside the telegram, there is also the option to first judge the group and then like it. So join
  3. In addition, the WhatsApp group is not aware of the sharing and data from the day you join the group. The Telegram group will also show the data on the first day when you join.
  4. The burden of what is shared on WhatsApp would have to be borne by your mobile, while in Telegram this burden is borne by the app itself.
  5. The best feature of Telegram is to talk to the next person without showing your number. Hardly any app provides such security.
  6. Telegram also helps you automatically. This most important feature is also called boot.
  7. Telegram provides the messaging facility. This is an additional feature of Telegram which is not available in WhatsApp.
  8. The size of the video sent to WhatsApp is up to 16 MB, while Telegram has increased the size to 1.5 GB.
  9. Telegram also allows you to save messages. Your data is also secure. This facility is provided by Telegram Surveyor.
  10. As far as the security of telegram is concerned, its security is much better and standard than that of WhatsApp.
  11. Messages will be automatically deleted after reading
  12. If someone takes a screenshot, his message will also be given to the person concerned Work on this option is still going on. Telegram is a great standard and secure app. Download it and let your friends know.


in short telegram vs whatsapp telegram is the best app for messaging and commuting. the main thing that main any app best is security if any company selling your personal data to other companies so no need to use that app. I hope you will like this post. what’s your opinion for Whatsapp tell us bus committing

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