Telenor tax certificate 2024 | How to get telenor tax certificate

Telenor is one of the largest mobile networks and Internet service providers in Pakistan. It has millions of users in Pakistan. Telenor also applies some kind of taxes on its customers that is necessary for them to pay. There are many users of Telenor who need tax certificates because they all are paid their taxes. So, Telenor issues them a Tax Certificate.

The tax will be charged to the user based upon the location of the tower from where the user is catching signals. Regionally based taxes are also applied but these taxes are applied for the non-bundle voice and SMS on the basis of how much they use them.

In this article, we will discuss how to get a Tax Certificate. Getting the tax certificate method is different for all networks. But here we are discussing Telenor Tax Certificate. All other mobile companies and PTCL give the certificate to their customers online on their website or through their mobile app but Telenor network has no such option neither online nor on a mobile app. So, here we tell you how you get the Tax Certificate.

How to get Telenor Tax Certificate

If you want to get Telenor Tax Certificate then follow the methods that are given below;

Call to Helpline:

If you want to get your Telenor Tax Certificate then first call on 345 which is the helpline of Telenor.

Chat thorugh Telenor Website:

You can also start chatting through the website of Telenor and ask them to send a tax certificate. They will ask you which year you want to get certified then you can tell them the specific year. Later, you will receive your tax certificate at the email address that you have given to them. But if you have not given your email address to Telenor then first give them your email address. You may submit the following things through your Email address [email protected] ;

  • Telenor Number
  • Scanned images of both sides of your CNIC
  • Certificate Year

Through Telenor Franchise;

You can also get your Telenor tax certificates from the nearby franchise of Telenor. They will issue you a tax certificate.

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In this article, we discussed how to get Telenor Tax Certificate. We shared complete details regarding the tax certificate. Further, if you have any problem then feel free to contact us. We will answer you soon.

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  1. Please send tax certificate from 01-07-2022 to 30-06-2023
    Telenor Number # 0344-4407095
    Bearing CNIC # 35201-3472571-9


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