Ufone SMS Packages 2024 | Daily, Weekly & Monthly SMS Bundles

Hi, friends, I hope all of you are well. today in this post we are going to discuss Ufone SMS packages 2024 it includes Ufone daily, Weakley,15 days monthly,45 days and yearly SMS packages. Ufone offers a lot of valuable offers for their customers Ufone SMS package is one of them. The main uniqueness of these packages is they have lower prices than other networks which is the key point.

Below are the complete details of Ufone SMS packages 2024 and their subscription comes with a price. recently we have covered Ufone call, and internet packages you can also check these articles.

ufone sms packages daily

ufone sms packages daily

Here is a comprehensive list of all basic Ufone SMS packages available for subscription. You can easily select any of the listed packages that suit your budget and subscribe to it.

package name Daily Package
price Rs. 4.77+tax
validity 24 Hours
free Sms 1,600
subscription codesend “sub” to 605

Not all the above packages are prepaid and are daily subscription packages only. None of the SMS plans is available for Ufone postpaid subscribers. So enjoy it while lats.

ufone weekly sms packages

ufone weekly sms packages
Ufone weekly sms packages

Now talk about the Ufone weekly SMS packages. Ufone has 1 weekly SMS package it gives you 1,250 SMS for 7 days. and the price is RS 11.

package name Weekly SMS Bucket
price Rs. 11 .95+tax
validity 7 Days
free Sms 1,250
subscription codesend “sub” to 608

ufone sms packages 15 days

ufone sms packages 15 days

Ufone SMS packages 15 days are the second to the least on the Ufone weekly package. The 15-day SMS plan allows users to keep sending messages for 15 days as this is the validity time.

With the 15-day Ufone SMS pack, subscribers can send up to 10,500 text messages to any network. This text message plan only costs Rs. 35.85+tax.

Unfortunately, nothing like 15 day SMS pack ever existed. The only weekly SMS package close to that is the 14-day SMS pack which is valid for 14 days and sends 10,500 texts.

package name Fortnightly Package
price Rs. 35.85+tax
validity 14 days
free Sms 10,500
subscription codesend “sub” to 603

The Ufone SMS packages are not just about the 14 days plan, just that is the most prominent. Ufone has a plan for 7 days and other mid-week text massing plans too, some of which I will list below in a table.

Once you are on the right side of the law, the use of the SMS package is without limits. This means that within the valid period of 15 days, you use it relentlessly without restrictions.

ufone monthly sms packages

ufone monthly sms packages

This is a monthly version of the Ufone SMS package, this SMS plan extends for a period of 1 month. Unlike the 15 days Ufone weekly package, the monthly package allows you to send more than 1000 SMS.

The package is available to users at an affordable price. SMS sent with the monthly plan is also at a very cheap rate compared to the regular SMS charges.

In the next paragraph, you will learn how to activate the Ufone monthly SMS plan. Below is a list of a comprehensive list of the divisions of various monthly plans available for you and your business.

package name Ufone SMS packages monthly
price 80 RS
validity 30 days
free Sms 21,000
subscription codesend “sub” to 607

It is good that you know that as a Ufone subscriber, you are eligible for any of the SMS packages. You are also given the privilege to choose among any of the plans ranging from daily to monthly SMS packages.

If you ever run out of SMS credit then you should follow the same procedure to re-subscribe. All you have to do is just select the daily, weekly or monthly SMS plan.

Note there are terms and conditions applied to every Ufone user. All Ufone users are expected to operate based on terms of services so that there would not be a problem.

ufone 45 Day SMS Bucket

most people don’t know Ufone also offers 45 45-day SMS bungle. which is a good option for Ufone customers. It gives you 31,000 SMS for 45 days for just Rs. 118.31+tax.

package name 45-Day SMS Bucket
price Rs. 118.31+tax
validity 45 days
free Sms 31,000
subscription codesend “sub” to 614

Ufone Yearly SMS Package

The unique thing about Ufone is that it also offers a 1-year SMS package telecom company offers a 1-year package only Ufone offers for their customers.

In this package, you will get unlimited SMS for 1 year for just Rs. 795.87+tax

package name Yearly SMS Package
price Rs. 795.87+tax
validity 1 year
free Sms Unlimited
subscription codesend “sub” to 601

ufone sms packages with free whatsapp

A lot of people are searching for the Ufone SMS package with free WhatsApp. Here we discuss the Ufone package that offers free SMS with WhatsApp.so it is the best to offer for Ufone customers

in this offer, you will get 10,000 SMS and 500 Mb free WhatsApp for one day in just RS 6

package name Daily chat
price Rs. 6+tax
validity 1 Day
free Sms 10,000
subscription code*3465#

Ufone SMS balance check code

For so many reasons you tend to check your balance for different reasons. Sometimes you just want to be sure about how much you have to maintain your balance and some other times you do to clear certainty.

If you want to check the Ufone balance you will need the Ufone balance check code. The single USSD balance code serves the purpose of checking daily, weekly and monthly SMS packages.

So no need to worry about cramming too many USSD operation codes to know your Ufone balance. Not if you make any mistakes when dialling the USSD code or sending the message, you will not be able to see your account balance.

let’s get started with the process and cut all the long talks to save time and energy. If you want to check your balance please follow the guides below to start the process

  • Got to your text message app
  • Type an empty SMS body (meaning don’t write anything)
  • Enter 606 in the recipient’s contact
  • Now hit the send button
  • Wait for about 3-5 seconds to receive an SMS confirmation.
  • You will be replied to with your Ufone SMS package balance after a while from Ufone

Terms & Conditions

  • The charges for international SMS are quite different.
  • If you send the shortcode to 600 or 606, the standard charges of 5 paise + tax will be applied.
  • The above price of all packages does not include the GST.
  • The daily SMS Packages are valid up to the night of the same day.
  • If you want to check the validity of your SMS Package and the remaining amount of SMS, simply send an empty SMS to 606.
  • To check the status of the remaining SMS send an empty message to 706.
  • In 24 hours, you are allowed just one daily SMS package. Still, if you want to get one daily and one weekly SMS package, it is allowed without ending the first package.


I hope you all enjoy that article and you should be able to activate any Ufone SMS package 2024 be it monthly daily or weekly. If you have any questions please leave a comment and feedback in the comment box, and don’t forget to share this article.

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