Zong Data Sim Packages

Zong brings new packages time by time to meet their user’s demands and needs. Giving the best packages to their users also adds a competitive advantage to this firm. Today we are sharing Zong Data Sim Packages, Zong internet Sim Packages details, and how this well is activated. So stay tuned till the end. #Zong4G

Zong Data Sim Packages 2023

Zong offers 5 monthly hybrid internet packages that give data from 4GB data to 65GB data. Which will support your heavy downloading needs? In this article first I will first share the details of each Zong data sim package and then tell you how can you activate all those packages.

Today we are sharing full details of Zong data sim internet packages which we help you inactivate data packs that suit your needs.
From hour to month here are all details of Zong internet Sim Packages in just a single post. These details are up-to-date.

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Zong data sim packages

Want to fulfil your daily needs if the internet with great speed, a choice from one of the daily packages of zong. Because there of a variety of choices which you can make for activating Zong data sim packages

These packages mostly help those who need the internet just for minor tasks. Like checking the Date sheet online.
Below are five “Zong internet Sim Packages with activation code”

zong 1 month Bundles

There are 5bundales are available right now and zong customers can subscribe to their data sim. you can also *6666# to get information about your sim package.

Package Name Prepaid Addons – (Monthly)
Price  Rs. 750
Volume 4GB + 4GB(4AM-4PM)
Duration 30 days

Package Name Prepaid Addons – (Monthly)
Price  Rs. 1200
Volume 12GB + 12GB(4AM-4PM)
Duration 30 days

Package Name Prepaid Addons – (Monthly)
Price  Rs. 2000
Volume 50GB, Validity 30 Days
Duration 30 days

Package Name Prepaid Addons – (Monthly)
Price  Rs.3250
Volume 75GB (1AM – 9AM) up to 100GB),
Duration 30 days

3 months packages

Package Name 3 months packages
Price  Rs.1,150
Volume 3GB internet
Duration 3 Months

Package Name 3 months packages
Price  Rs.2,790
Volume 12GB internet
Duration 3 Months

Prepaid data sim packages

Package Name Prepaid – Addons
Price  Rs. 570
Volume 1GB daily from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Duration 30 Day

Package Name Prepaid – Addons
Price  Rs. 230
Volume 1GB daily 1:00 am to 9:00 am
Duration 30 Day

How to activate all these packages

These packages cannot be activated on the Zong sim you have already. For this, you should need to buy a Zong internet sim from the zong franchise. After buying zong internet sim dial *964#. After that Dial 1. Now you will see five hybrid packages choose the one which suits your needs best

Can I buy Zong Internet sim, if I have already Five sims on my name?

Yes, you can buy a Zong internet sim if you have already five sims in your name. Not only Zong internet sims but others as well.


all Zong Data Sim Packages are good for the whole month of convenience but still, you need to check zong internet speed in your area before subscribing to any of the data packs because all these packages come at a high price.

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