zong facebook monthly package

Hi, friends all you are well in this post we are going to discuss zong Facebook monthly package. their subscription code, price, and terms, and conditions.

A lot of zong users disturb this but thanks to later changes, zong is providing the cheapest Facebook monthly package to its users. You can now use 8GB for a very low price. This internet is only valid for using Facebook.

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zong facebook monthly package

Package Name zong facebook package
Price 50 Rs
Data 8GB
Duration30 days
Activation code*250#

Terms & Conditions

  • You just need to have enough balance for subscribing to this package. Minimum 50 Rupees.
  • Only prepaid customers can activate this package.
  • This package is valid only for one month.


It is not bad to spend your whole month on Facebook. You don’t need to activate the package again and again. It is a hassle-free package. Furthermore, it helps you to get an economically cheap package. I hope you will like that post. if you have any queries or question please leave a comment below and also share this post with your friend using the below links.

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