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Zong provides Zong super offer for the facility of its customers. in this article, I will provide all the details about this offer as well as Zong super weekly max code. please read this article completely to access all the information about Zong super weekly max code.

Like other cellular companies, Zong also provides super offers, SMS, Whatsapp, internet MBs, super card packages to their customers. Zong super weekly max offer is useable for both Zong postpaid and prepaid customers. Different Zong packages give options to customers so that they can easily fulfil their requirements.

Zong Super weekly max Details

Zong brings an exciting offer Zong super weekly max offer to its customers. this offer provides 25 GB of internet data. this data include [10 GB + 5 GB (4 am-4 pm) + 10 GB data for youtube]. you can easily use the internet, Whatsapp, youtube, Facebook etc.. this package is valid for 7 days. its countdown starts from the day of activation.

previously, this offer cost was just RS. 200 pk + tax. but recently, this offer price is revised by Zong. Now Zong super weekly max offer cost is 223 pk + tax. According to the revised Zong super weekly max internet package, Zong customers who want to subscribe to this offer will pay Rs. 223 pk.

Zong has very good intentions for its data users because Zong is well known as Zong 4G data network. it is the aim of Zong to provide high-quality internet data to its customers in 2020. However, price control for new and old internet data packages is very challenging.

Zong designed this offer as 2G/3G/4G. It is the main quality of this offer.

Zong super weekly max code

Zong super weekly max code

There is a question that How to subscribe Zong super weekly max offer?

  • you just dial *220# from your Zong mobile number.
  • choose option 1 to activate the package.
  • your package will activate successfully.


This offer provides:

  • 10 GB + 5 GB internet data from (4 am- 4 pm).
  • 10 GB internet data for youtube only.

you can also say this Zong weekly youtube offer because this offer provides 10 GB of data for youtube. other details are given below:

  • 10 GB data may use any time of the day 24 hours.
  • 5 GB data from ( 4 am- 4 pm).
  • 10 GB data only for youtube for 24 hours any time of the day.

in short, this offer provides 25 GB of data to their customers so that they can easily use the internet.


previously its cost was Rs. 200 pk. but now its actual cost is Rs. 223 pk due to increasing taxes. if you want to subscribe to the offer then you will pay Rs. 223 pk. Approximately you must put in a balance of Rs. 250 pk.


The name of the package indicates that the offer is valid for one week or 7 days. The offer will expire on the exact 7th day at midnight at 11:59 pm. countdown of the offer starts from the day of activation.

how to check remaining mbs in zong super weekly max

If you have subscribed to this offer and want to check the remaining internet MBs.

  • you just dial the code *102# from your mobile number.
  • the operator will show the remaining MBs on your mobile screen.

Zong 4G has provided convenience to its users. to enjoy 25 GB of internet data in one week. you can enjoy 25 GB of data for just Rs. 223 throughout the week. moreover, you can also watch videos on youtube as 10 GB of data is available.

Terms and Conditions

  • 10 GB of youtube data also include TV services.
  • An advance income tax rate of 12.5% will apply to every recharge.
  • A sales tax (GST) of 19.5% on usage applies.
  • Rs. 1 per MB out-of-bundle rate is applicable until the offer expires after which customers will be moved to their respective base tariff.
  • if the customer wants to unsubscribe from the offer then write unsub and send it to 6464.
  • customers can reactivate the offer by dialling *220#.
  • Zong customers will be charged again if they subscribe to the bundle twice.


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