How to Check Jazz Balance Usage History 2023

Jazz is the biggest mobile network and 4G internet data provider in Pakistan. Jazz tries its best to give maximum relaxation to its users. In this article, we will discuss How to check Jazz Balance Usage History. You can also check the remaining balance online. We will provide you with complete details regarding this.

How to Check Jazz Balance Usage History?

If you want to check your remaining balance in your Jazz sim then dial *111#. When you dial this code, they send you a short message to see your remaining balance. The charge for this service is 0.24 rupees only.

How to Check Jazz Balance History Online?

  • Jazz recently developed the Jazz E Care Portal that makes the life of users easier. They have no need to first visit Jazz Franchise for their minimum work. Jazz E Care also tells details of calls, Internet Data usage, details of accounts etc.
  • If you cannot use your sim or your mobile is not in your hand and you want to check the remaining balance. Then, you can visit on Jazz E Care Portal. It is made for solving the problems of its users online. That’s why, from this portal, you can check your remaining details of balance by putting your Jazz number.

How to Check your Package Details

If you want to know which package is subscribed in your sim then send an empty message on 3838. Soon you will receive a message about your current package.

Also, Visit; jazz Facebook Packages


In this article, we discussed Jazz Balance Usage History and how we check usage history. We explained a few methods from which we can check balance. Still, if you have any queries then feel free to ask us. We will try our best to solve your queries as soon as it is possible for us.

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