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In the present age, the Internet has become an essential part of our life. we use the internet for social work, Emails, Facebook, Whatsapp, youtube, calls, chatting with our relative’s friends, downloading songs, videos films, and games and for many other activities. Jazz understands that you need the internet and therefore jazz brings a variety of internet packages for their customers. Jazz provides different Facebook packages such as daily, weekly and monthly Facebook packages. In this article, you will know about Jazz monthly Whatsapp+SMS package, Jazz weekly Facebook+Whatsapp package, Jazz Daily Facebook package and Jazz free Facebook offer.

If you do not want to watch heavy media such as; photos and videos then you can go with free Jazz facebook without any charges. The best thing about Mobilink is that the Jazz facebook bundle also provides you with free data for other social media applications such as WhatsApp and IMO.

Free Facebook Package By Jazz 2023

Jazz provides facebook packages of different costs or prices. The price of social bundles starts from Rs. 5.98pkr and goes up to Rs. 70pkr. You can subscribe to any one of them according to your daily uses or your own choices. Then you stay relaxed and enjoy social sites every day. Share photos or watch videos of your own choices. Increase your Jazz 4G data technology by activating the social offers at affordable prices.

Now we look at the cheap and latest facebook packages. I have added all the latest Jazz Facebook packages that are specific only for Facebook. Let’s go through each package in detail without wasting more time.

If You do not have money but still you want to connect over Facebook, then enjoy the free Facebook through Jazz without any costs or consume your internet data. You do not need to activate any bundle, you only turn on your data and go to Facebook to open it. It is a trick to save your MBs while staying online.

How To Subscribe To Free Facebook Offer?

To subscribe to Jazz free Facebook offer, you go to the free mode by clicking on the Go to Free button at the top of your Facebook timeline. You just need to switch between the FREE data of Facebook with a single tap. All you need to click a button at the top right corner of your Facebook feed.

PaymentRs. 00
Internet DataUnlimited
FeaturesBasic Features (No Photos/Videos)

unsubscribe jazz WhatsApp package

jazz daily youtube and social offer

If you want to watch photos and videos over Facebook, You can subscribe to jazz daily youtube and social offer to enjoy free social accounts.

You just need to pay Rs.20 only for one day and you will obtain 1500 MBs which is looking good. After this, you will use free Facebook, WhatsApp, and youtube. Now I give all details of jazz daily social offer.

This offer provides:

PaymentRs. 20/-
Internet MBs1.5 GB (Facebook/Whatsapp)
Subscription CodeDial *968#
De-active Offer CodeDial Again *455#
Validity1 Day

Jazz Daily Facebook & WhatsApp Package

If you need more data for Facebook and WhatsApp then jazz also brings Jazz daily social Facebook packages. Jazz daily Facebook package provides 500 MBs of data for both popular social media applications Facebook and WhatsApp.

This bundle is suitable for you if you need the data for WhatsApp and Facebook. It is a less-cost-effective bundle and every person can afford it.

Daily CostRs. 7/-
Internet MBs500 MBs (Facebook/Whatsapp)
Subscription CodeDial *114#
De-active Offer CodeDial Again *114*5#
Validity1 Day

Weekly Jazz Facebook Social Offer

If you want to gain extensive data for Jazz Facebook packages then you subscribe to the jazz weekly Facebook package to enjoy 5GB of internet data for the price of Rs.70/- only.

Now every day for 24 hours of a whole week, You can enjoy your buddies and relatives members. This package is really helpful and it is the latest package offered by Jazz for their customers.

Another important thing is that you will use this data volume on WhatsApp as well as IMO without furthermore cost.

PaymentRs. 120/-
Internet data5000 MBs (Whatsapp, Facebook, IMO)
Subscription CodeDial *660#
De-active Offer CodeDial Again *660#
How to Check Details of OfferDial *660*2#
Validity7 Day

Jazz Multan Facebook & WhatsApp Offer

If you are from Multan or live in Multan then you are very lucky and you have very good news. Jazz brings you Facebook and WhatsApp offers.

Through this offer, you can enjoy all the features of both the applications Facebook and WhatsApp within the data limit. Now I provide you with all the details about such an offer of Jazz Facebook packages.
This offer provides:

Payment41 Rs
Internet data4000 MBs (Whatsapp & Facebook)
Subscription CodeDial *499#
De-active Offer CodeDial Again *499*2#
How to Check Details of OfferDial *499*2#
Validity30 Day

Jazz Weekly Facebook+Whatsapp + SMS Package

If you want to run only WhatsApp and SMS then you can subscribe to the Jazz weekly Facebook+WhatsApp Package.
This offer provides:

Internet Data25 MBs
subscription chargesRs. 18 Pkr
subscription code*101*1*07#
Status check code*101*2*07#
unsubscription code*101*4*07#
validity7 Days

Jazz Monthly Whatsapp+SMS Package

If you want to gain Internet data only for WhatsApp for one month then you can subscribe to the Jazz monthly Whatsapp+SMS package. In this offer, jazz provides 7000 MBs. These MBs can use only for WhatsApp but not for Facebook or other internet activities. Jazz Facebook packages.
This offer provides:

  • 12000 SMS
  • 7 GB ( Facebook, WhatsApp, IMO )
  • subscription code: *661#
  • subscription charges: Rs. 129 pkr.
  • unsubscription code: *661*4#
  • status check code: *661*2#


Jazz monthly Whatsapp+SMS package valid for one month or 30 days. This offer provides 7000 MBs for 30 days. These 70000 MBs are valid only for WhatsApp but not for other internet activities such as Facebook, Youtube, Imo and etc.

Terms and Conditions:

Jazz Facebook packages have the following terms and conditions:

  • If all the internet MBs consume, Make sure that you will have move on to the Free version of Facebook.
  • If you keep using Facebook without data MBs then you will cost Rs. 1/MB applied.
  • You can only use the internet data for Facebook, WhatsApp and IMO according to the package.
  • You can use this data for all of the Facebook packages in 2G/3G/4G network areas.
  • If you have wanted to check how many MBs are remaining in any of the Facebook packages then You can dial the status code for Rs. 0.06pkr.
  • If you have slow speed, It depends upon many factors including old 3G SIM, timing, number of users that use the internet in your area and distance from the 4G sites etc.
  • If you do not activate any Facebook Package and you want to use Facebook, it will charge you Rs. 3.6/MB which is very expensive.


Dear guys! I have tried to add all the recent details about Jazz Facebook packages, Jazz daily Facebook package and Jazz weekly Facebook+Whatsapp package in this article. If you think that anything is missing in the article then inform us by comments.

I hope You will like this article. Stay connected with us for more interesting offers that are when we shared with you.

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