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Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has declared that JAZZ is the best, cheap and fastest source of daily, 3days, weekly and monthly calls, SMS and internet packages for Pakistani people. Jazz is also known for excellent and unique services and products such as call packages, SMS and internet packages. All the services they had to provide are very cheap and beneficial in different ways. In this article, you will know about Jazz data SIM packages and Jazz 4G data SIM packages monthly in 2023.

Jazz continuously introduces new features and packages for its customers. It is the reason why jazz has won other telecommunication operators in Pakistan when it comes to having a huge subscriber base. Now the jazz company has introduced a concept of Jazz Data SIM, through which customers can get a social, weekly and monthly bundle. In this way, Jazz customers will be able to socialize for the whole month long.

If you bought this new data SIM then your all needs will be effectively covered, such as; streaming videos, video calls or connecting with your friends on social media. Jazz 4G SIM packages are the best option for you.

Now we look at the offers provided by jazz Mobilink for their postpaid and prepaid customers. In this article, I will provide all the details about all packages of jazz data sim.

Jazz Internet Data SIM Weekly Packages

For those interested in a weekly offer, there are many bundles and offers available. With low to heavy users and low to high prices, the company has covered all subscribers. Depending on your needs, you can also choose only a social or only a YouTube bundle in weekly offers.

Package NameInternet DatapriceSubscription codestatus code
Weekly Extreme5 GB85 Rs*117*14#*117*14*2#
Weekly Mega7 GB213 Rs*159#*159*2#
Mega20 GB
(10GB 1AM – 9AM)
291 Rs*117*48#*117*48*2#
Weekly YouTube and Social5 GB
(IMO, WhatsApp, YouTube & Facebook)
109 Rs*660#*660*2#
Weekly Extreme25 GBs (12 AM – 12 PM) 95 Rs*117*14#*117*14*2#

Jazz Internet Data SIM Monthly Packages

There are several data packages available in monthly plans. From 4GB in the Monthly Starter, Jazz offers up to 150GB in the Monthly Heavy bundle. Jazz offers all types of bundles, no matter how much data you require, if you only need a few GBs for normal usage, or if you require a large amount of data. Also, if you only need social or a time-restricted package, you don’t have to worry, they’re included in monthly buckets.

Package NameInternet DatapriceSubscription codestatus code
Monthly Starter4 GB (2GB 2AM – 2PM)242 Rs*117*77#*117*77*2#
Monthly Mega Plus12 GB (6 GBs 2 AM – 2 PM)384 Rs*117*30#*117*30*2#
Smart15 GB (7.5 GB 1AM – 9AM)600 Rs*117*35#*117*35*2#
Regular60 GB (30GB 1AM – 1PM)1750 Rs*117*73#*117*73*2#
Monthly Extreme10 GB(12 AM – 12 PM)168 Rs*117*34#*117*34*2#

Jazz Long Validity Data Bundles

You don’t want to subscribe to these packages time after time but rather you would like to get a bundle once and for all. With Jazz, you can enjoy such comforts no matter what. Now you can fill your data needs for more than just a month or two with a 3-months or 6-months bundle.

3 Months Bundle

Internet Data50 GB/Month
subscription code*117*15#
status code*117*17*2#
Recharge requiredRs.5,500

6 Months Bundle

Internet Data100GB/Month
subscription code*117*16#
status code*117*18*2#
Recharge requiredRs.12,000

Terms and Conditions:

  • All bundles are once-off subscribed and will not auto resubscribe again.
  • These Internet offers can be subscribed to and consumed in any 2G, 3G and 4G network.
  • For Recharge and Bundle subscription, customers can visit the nearest jazz retailer shop or jazz franchise or dial used string from Data Sim.
  • It is dedicated that the MB quota for night usage (1 am-9 am) will be consumed first, once MBs night quota is consumed MBs usage will be done from the quota available for 24hrs.
  • When Customers will get subscribe to the offer, usage notifications, and SMS on their Data SIM number will be received.
  • PAYG & Overage charging is not allowed on DATA SIM. Customers needed to subscribe to bundles for uninterrupted internet connectivity.
  • When customers re-subscribe the offer within the previous bundle validity, any remaining MBs will be added & validity will be as per the new bundle.
  • Multiple subscriptions of 3 months & 6 months bundles are not allowed, customers can simultaneously subscribe to any other bundle.

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Dear guys! I have tried to add all the recent details about Jazz data SIM packages in this article. If you think that anything is missing in the article then inform us by comments. I hope You will like this article. Stay connected with us for more interesting offers that are when we shared with you.

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