How to Unlock Ufone SIM PUK Code || ufone puk code

when you enter the pin of your sim it locks your sim. To unlock the sim you need a Ufone puk code. In this post, we discuss in detail how to get the Ufone puk code.

ufone puk code

PUK stands for the personal unlocking key it is 8 digits code that you will receive from the Ufone the one thing to note is that every sim has its unique PUK code.

when your sim is locked you need to put in that code to unlock the sim. if you entered the wrong code 3 times your sim is permanently blocked.

Different telecommunication companies have different ways to get puk codes and unlock a sim. In this post, we discourse to easy way to get puk code and unlock your sim easily.

Run the USSD code

  • From your Ufone dial *336#.
  • Then go to my profile and select PUK code.
  • Here you will see the puk code of your sim inter this code your sim will be unlocked.
  • By this method, you can easily unlock your Ufone sim
  • This method does not work on your sim
  • if your sim is blocked by the company or you have not verified your sim to biomagnification.
  • if this method does not work on your sim so you need to try out the second method. we explain below.

ufone puk code By calling Helpline

Ufone customers care Centre is active 24/7 to provide the best customer care services to the customers.

in this method, you just need to call on 333 and explain the issue you are facing on your sim.

They will ask a few questions to verify the ownership of your sim. then at last, they will give you puk code and you will enter the code and your sim is unblocked

only these 2 are the methods to unlock your Ufone sim. the puk generator software or tools that are available on the internet are fake don’t use them.

multiple attempts of putting fake puk code can cause permanent blockage of your sim. so use only legal methods that definitely work.

how to get ufone puk code

To get puk code on your Ufone sim dial *336# and then go to my profile and click on puk code. copy this code and enter it into your sim and your sim is unlocked

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I hope you will like this post ufone puk code .in this post, we discuss the 2 legit ways to get puk code so use only this method.

A lot of puk generator software is available online all of them are fake .so they don’t work they can cause permanent blocking of your sim. remember that you only can put puk only 3 times.

if you have any questions or queries related to this post please leave a comment below and don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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