Ufone Super Cards 2024 | Rs 299, Rs 520 and Rs 600

Hi, friends, I hope you all are well. in this post, we are going to discuss Ufone super card. Ufone is a Pakistan telecommunication company that offers a lot of amazing packages for the user on a regular basis .it is the third-largest telecom company in Pakistan that is owned by PTCL.

Ufone Super Card 2024

Therefore, Ufone offers different types of super cards to facilitate its users. the best thing about these super cards is that they have a low price and have internet, SMS, and minutes. you no need to load on a daily basis or weakly basis and no need to subscribe to multiple packages.

only you buy a card and feel free for 30 days. these are the following cards Ufone offers for their customers.

  • Super Card Gold
  • Super Card Max
  • Mini Super Card
  • Recharge Offer super
  • Super Minutes
  • Super Internet

we discuss all these Ufone super cards in detail step by step

ufone free internet tricks

Ufone Monthly Super Card Gold

off-network minutes400
Internet Data 7000MB + Unlimited* Facebook + 2GB Additional WhatsApp
Ufone & PTCL minutesunlimited
SMS unlimited
Subscription code*900#
Status code*3*2#

Ufone Super Card Max

You can enjoy a month of incredible convenience with Ufone Super Max Plus for just Rs. 799! In other words, if you’re looking for internet, voice, or SMS, you can subscribe to one plan and enjoy them all.

off-network minutes300
Internet Data4000MB + Unlimited* Facebook + 2GB Additional WhatsApp
Ufone & PTCL minutesunlimited
Subscription code*629#
Status code*3*2#

Ufone Super Card Plus

Super Card Plus

Ufone Super Card Plus is all in one convenience for the whole month.so whether you need the internet.SMS, minutes activate it once and enjoy all benefits in one package. The price is RS 620. The validity of this offer is 30 days.

so below are complete details

off-network minutes180
Internet Data 2000MB + Unlimited* Facebook + 2GB Additional WhatsApp
Ufone & PTCL minutes1200
Subscription code*250#
Status code*3*2#

ufone mini super card

ufone mini super card

Mini Super Card is for those who have low daily usage.in this offer, you will get minutes of internet and SMS for 15 days. The price is RS 330.

Below are complete details

off-network minutes75
Internet Data 600MB
Ufone & PTCL minutes500
Subscription code*230#

Super Recharge Offer

Super Recharge Offer

if you have a low balance and normal internet usage then subscribe Super Recharge Offer offer and get free minutes, internet, and SMS for 2 days. the price of this offer is RS 50.

other networks minutes 10
internet 100 MBs
Ufone & PTCL minutes 300
subscription code*300#
status code *706#
validity 2 days

Super Minutes

Ufone Super Minutes is just a voice offer, therefore, it gives you 100 free minutes for all networks for 7 days. the price of this package is 135 Rs.

All networks minutes 100
subscription code*210#
validity 7 days
status code *706#

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Super Internet

if you have normal usage of the internet and you are using the internet just for browsing and social media then this offer is best for you. Ufone Super Internet offers you will get 1.5GB of internet data for 7 days. The price of this offer is 130 lode.

internet1.5GB GB
subscription code*220#
validity 7 days
status code *706#

Terms and conditions

  • All these offers are for prepaid customers.
  • There are no extra charges for all these packages.
  • call made to shortcodes is not included in these packages. their charges are applied.
  • All these offers can be subscribed to by U lode.

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how to check ufone super card balance

how to check ufone super card balance

To check super card balance download my Ufone app from the Play Store. It shows your remaining balance

how to subscribe ufone super card

how to subscribe ufone super card

Ufone super card is subscribed in two ways one is online from the Ufone website just by putting in a number. The second is that by dialling subscription code *240#

how to check ufone super card

how to check ufone super card

to check the remaining free minute’s internet and SMS dial *706# or download my Ufone app from the play store

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in this post, we discuss all Ufone super card 2024 in detail. all these offers are best for U users they can subscribe according to their needs. I hope this post helps you. I try my best and clear everything in detail. if you have any queries or questions you can comment below.

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